Sunday, July 8, 2007

Second Post

Well, the bath mat from Mason Dixon Knitting is finished! It looks great, and is soooo absorbant! I would definitely use the double thick Peaches and Creme yarn again. I did block it to get it looking nice and even. I usually block on my guest room bed. You can see in the next picture, I have the ruffled scarf blocking.

You can see from this photo what a challenge it is to block a scarf with one edge so much larger than the other! I figured out that I need to block it section by section. After starting at one end, spritzing and waiting overnight, I realized I could do more than one section at a time to speed things along! I figure a week or two and I should have the entire scarf blocked. It really drapes nicely and I anticipate it looking very nice! It better, I ripped this baby out 3 times before I got it pattern! Just my memory of a conversation about a sample knitted in a LYS.
On to the next project! I am making the Cabled Pullover (froggy green in the booklet) from Classic Elite's Puddle Jumpers book for my 5 year old nephew. I have made him sweaters before, the Wallaby, and he loved them! So dramatic, he opens the gift and hugs it to him crying "It's just what I wanted!" Who wouldn't want to knit for a recipient like him? I am knitting this in King Tut cotton which I have never used before, but really like. It has a nice luster and shows the cables quite nicely. This is my first attempt at cables and I am surprised that, just as my knitting friends told me, they are not hard at all. I did knit a swatch not only to get gauge, but to try the cable pattern. In fact, I knitted the first swatch out of a left over yarn, just to try cabling. The second swatch it did after I found the King Tut yarn. This cabling experience is making me think of knitting vests for my dad and father-in-law for Christmas!

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Lucy said...

Your work is lovely - welcome to blogworld!!