Monday, October 15, 2007

Stitches East...WOW

I returned from Stitches East Saturday night, exhilarated, exhausted...utterly enthralled with knitting and all the new inspiration!!! I took Brandon Mabley's class all day Saturday. I learned so much about how he and Kaffe create such daring color combinations! First we divided our yarn into two piles. One dark, one light...Then we began creating a light ball, and a dark ball, by tying lengths of yarn together in an order that seemed pleasing to us. He encouraged us to interject colors that you might think are too wild, but when it's knitted up, and you stand back, Oh my gosh! They just work!!! You can see from the pictures that each one is so unique, and yet you could put them all together in a blanket and it would work! Some were subtle, some more monochromatic, but each was beautiful! The first photo was taken when we broke for lunch. The others at the end of the class. During lunch, I walked through the market and bought more colors of yarns after listening to him during the morning....What an inspiration!!!

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