Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finished Cable Sweater

Well, finally the cable sweater is complete! It is really cute, I think, and I know my nephew will love it! It was my first attempt at cables and I really am pleased with it. I took advice I read online to keep the purls next to cabled knit stitches tight, wrap the purl stitches from the bottom, and then to those same stitches on the right side, knit into the back of the stitch to twist the stitch the correct way. It is knit with King Tut mercerized cotton, which I am also pleased with. It has a nice little sheen to the yarn, and blocked 2 001 blog 2 002chip dump 9-30-07 111

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Kirsty said...

Your sweater looks great.

I saw your question on Knitter's Review forums about the class this weekend--I'll be there too, with lots of colorful scraps as well.

Kirsty @